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Monday, April 10, 2006

(Originally dated 5th Feb 2006)I catched RDB (Rang De.. Basanti duh!! ) last week! Man does the flick rock or what. When my bro and my mom forced me to accompany them to see this flick, i was like not again. I had refused to join them to see Mangal Pandey and Bunty aur Babli (both of which i dislike like hell).But still coz they insisted and because i passed respectably in my ATKT Paper, i agreed wholeheartedly (i am being sarcastic :) ). I expected it to be a typical patriotic flick or some sort of .. you know what i mean!! But the movie was lovely from the go. The movie was really technically sound and the music, script, acting, direction, etcetra were all moving in one direction. I hated Rakesh Omprakash Mehra's Aks and i thought Chikna Khan was deranged to act in such a large scale venture with him. I have to eat my words now. And Khan unlike his other 2 Khan college allowed the other guys to shine as well. Kunal Kapoor was brillaint (a redemption after Meenakshi (not that i have seen it.)). Alice Pattern (daughter of some "government guy"), Soha Ali Khan and Sharman "Style" Joshi were brilliantly cute. But Atul Kulkarni gave his typically assertion in RDB(u know flicks like Khaakee,Chandni Bar and Satta(not Sutta lol)). Madhavan did his cameo quite a good. But the show stealer according to me was Khan and "Boys" Siddhart(who leasurely enjoyed his meaty role designed originally for Arjun Rampal and later for Randeep "D" Hooda)!
Okay then see ya!! till then BE A REBEL!!!

Hey guys!! This is my new blog.
I found my last blog to be too corny or too dumb or too lame.
This time i have decided to do some realtime dedicated blogging. I am thinking abt starting with some review of the Bollywood Flicks i saw this year.I already wrote a review for each movie after seeing it, just gonna do some copy paste!!!